Paul's Picks: Innovative Wellness Companies

In this edition of Dr. Paul Drago’s Health & Wellness blog series, the ENT Specialist highlights his current favorite wellness brands. As a leading health and wellness expert, Dr. Paul Drago has made it his mission to help people achieve their health and fitness goals. Dr. Drago is well-known for his commitment to finding the best health and wellness companies and products to promote and support. From the latest diets to the most effective exercise programs, Dr. Drago has helped countless individuals and organizations reach their goals.


The timing of Peloton’s launch couldn’t have been more perfect if they tried!  In the times of the pandemic, just about everyone has had to adapt their hobbies and work to fit into their homes.  And now that many people work from home, the Peleton is a perfect healthy way to take a break. More than just a workout bike, Peloton hosts a community of cardio classes that bring the gym right into your home.


Dr. Paul Drago speaks for us all when he says we’ve all been pretty stressed lately.  Even before the pandemic, meditation was a practice often recommended to individuals with a lot of stress on their plate.  But it’s a lot easier said than done, isn’t it?  And there’s where the wellness app, Calm comes in! Calm is a meditation app that introduces users to grounding and relaxation techniques in a way that just about immediately alleviates stress and anxiety.  More than just a step-by-step guide, Calm is immersive and interactive.


This company offers an online platform that provides personalized wellness programs and tailored health coaching. The platform is designed to help individuals reach their health and fitness goals, whether that’s losing weight, getting in shape, improving nutrition, or increasing activity levels. LifeStride also offers premium membership plans that include access to health coaches, workout plans, nutrition plans, and more.


Dr. Drago is also a fan of the popular fitness app, MyFitnessPal. MyFitnessPal allows users to easily track their diet, exercise, and overall health. The app offers meal plans, nutrition tracking, and even progress tracking. With MyFitnessPal, individuals can set realistic goals and stay motivated to reach them.

Dr. Paul Drago is passionate about promoting and supporting the best health and wellness companies and products. With his help and guidance, individuals can find the resources and products they need to reach their health and fitness goals.

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