In an attempt to bring people together during times of social distancing, Miranda Kerr hosts live streams where she introduces her fans to unique wellness concepts. She’s already discussed meditation, nutrition and even cleaning tips with Marie Kondo!

The former supermodel, Miranda Kerr, is known for gracing the covers of magazines and dominating runways at the hottest fashion shows in the business.  With her modeling days mostly behind her, Kerr has evolved into an entrepreneur extraordinaire.  Her skincare brand, Kora Organics, infuses ideas of positivity and self-care into skincare products and routines.  Now, she’s utilizing her social media presence as an opportunity to teach her viewers about different wellness concepts. 

Positivity and an emphasis on wellness are concepts Miranda Kerr has become known for over the years.  She has long preached about her passion for practicing yoga, meditation and positive affirmations.  Now, she’s doing her part to remind others to embrace wellness in these difficult and uncertain times.  Once a month, Kerr hosts a livestream called ‘Wellness Wednesday.’  In each episode, she invites a guest who specializes in some form of wellness technique.  Together, the pair introduce viewers to unique forms of self-care — and self-love.  Taking a holistic approach, Kerr’s Wellness Wednesday sheds light on valuable ways to take care of yourself — from breathing techniques to tips on cleaning your personal space(s).

Dr. Paul Drago recommends checking out Wellness Wednesday if you’re interested in learning more about unique ways to care for the wellness of your mind, body and spirit.  All episodes of the stream are available for viewing on the Kora Organics Founder’s official Instagram page.