This past week, editorial director, Adrianna Brach hosted a rendition of Wellness Wednesday that talked about all things related to relaxation. (Especially products that can help you sleep!)

Winding down after a long day can be difficult.  Sometimes, the adrenaline rush of productivity can even keep you up at night.  So what is one to do when your body’s all exhaustion and your mind’s all energy?  Dr. Paul Drago recommends these wellness products endorsed by Adrianna Brach of the Today Show:

  • Lighting science LED Goodnight Sleep Enhancing Bulb ($14.99)

Soft light tones = optimal relaxation

  • Aromatic Essential Oil Diffuser

Complete with an array of calming scents, like lavender and chamomile.

  • Silk Pillow Cases

What’s more calming than soft, sensational silk??