Amazing news for residents of Jefferson City! A local Wellness Center is slated to host classes focused on nutrition. But, it may not be what you’d expect! Supporter of health and wellness charities and initiatives, Dr. Paul Drago shares the details:

Catholic Charities of Central and Northern Missouri is partnering up with the Linc Wellness Center to offer unique nutrition-focused counseling and classes. The eight-week program will be hosted every Tuesday between October 6 and November 24, 2020 at The Linc Wellness Center from 5 – 6 PM. Different from your average cooking class, this nutrition-focused wellness plan will dive deep into the subject of eating healthy. Classes will focus on topics such as debunking nutrition myths, balancing a varied diet in your daily life and how to eat in order to improve your overall health and wellness.

With the holidays coming up, deliciously bad eating habits are sure to crop up! Get ahead of the temptations by learning how to eat healthy and feel better! Dr. Paul Drago strongly encourages all Jefferson City residents to enjoy the benefits of this unique health and wellness program!