The COVID-19 pandemic has brought on tough times for us all. Nonprofits, unfortunately, have not been exempt from the devastation. With many families and businesses falling on hard times, nonprofit organizations have not received as many donations as usual. But for the Salvation Army Soup Kitchen, things are starting to look up, thanks to a generous donation.

In Bangor, Maine, the Salvation Army Soup Kitchen was presented with an incredibly generous donation.  After hosting a furniture auction, Central Maine Moving and Storage came close to raising $2,700 for the Salvation Army.  Joining the forces of positivity and kindness, the Masonic Rising Virtue Lodge then contributed $1,000.  Brining the grand total to nearly $3,700.

The soup kitchen, which has been feeding 200 people each day out of a food truck (half of their pre-COVID-19 impact), has recently fallen on tough times.  But with perseverance and good intentions, the initiative has carried on.  The volunteers of the Salvation Army are incredibly thankful for this much needed donation to their Soup Kitchen.