In order to achieve true wellness, one’s approach to the issue must be comprehensive. Focused on more than just physical health, wellness also relies heavily on an individual’s mental health. With this in mind, Sailors’ Society is offering mental health support to ship crew members in a major way.

Many people don’t consider the mental health impacts of working as a crew member aboard a ship.  This includes the sailors and crew members themselves…  This issue is so prevalent, that sailors often struggle with remedying the situation, which often trickles into their personal lives away from sea.  Thankfully, Sailors’ Society is stepping up to the ship to be that support network with their program, Wellness at Sea Awareness Campaign.

The Wellness at Sea program is an award-winning approach to spreading awareness of the mental health of sailors.  Developed in response to the COVID-19 crisis, the initiative hopes to provide practical mental health support to seafarers and ship crew members.  So far, Sailors’ Society has impacted crew members aboard more than one-thousand ships.  But according to the leaders behind this nonprofit, this is only just the beginning.

The mental health and wellness of sailors matters at all times — not just during an international pandemic.  But health and wellness charity supporter, Dr. Paul Drago is encouraged by the fact that the mental wellbeing of sailors is finally becoming a topic of discussion.  Hopefully, this means more work will continue to be done in their benefit!