Recently, Chance The Rapper’s charity, SocialWorks, made a generous donation to Chicago parks in an effort to keep area children safe and healthy. Dr. Paul Drago shares the details:

Perhaps it’s an unlikely health and wellness charity story — but the result is wholesome and worth sharing, nonetheless!  Since the start of his career, Chance the Rapper has been active in his support of keeping his home, Chicago, safe, healthy and resilient, despite the odds often stacked against ChiTown’s families in need.  In wake of COVID-19, the Rapper has upped his support in a big way — both in numbers and meaning.

In August, SocialWorks, Chance The Rapper’s nonprofit organization, donated 45,000 masks to the Chicago Park District to ensure that kids and staff at day camps will be properly protected from COVID-19.  Chicago Parks CEO, Mike Kelly, was humbled by the donation and stated that the gift was “particularly valuable,” due to its focus on an immediate need for attention to public health and wellness.