The legacy of humanitarian Anthony “Tony” Burgess will live on in the light of learning. Carrying the torch of Tony’s wish, Operation Smile has unveiled an interactive learning center that will teach visitors about the nonprofit’s global mission — and how they can participate in the work that guides the goal.

In Virginia Beach, Operation Smile welcomes guests to the Anthony L. and Hideko S. Burgess Interactive Learning Center.  Created in bequest of Burgess himself, the ILC is a project the humanitarian was personally passionate about.  A longtime supporter of Operation Smile, he was fully committed to carrying out the nonprofit’s work around the world.

Offering a widened worldview, The Interactive Learning Center aims to teach visitors about a plethora of topics through different educational exhibits.  Focuses include the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, Virginia Standards of Learning and more!  Dr. Paul Drago, a volunteer and supporter of Operation Smile, looks forward to visiting the new ILC in 2021.