In Concord, New Hampshire, health and wellness kits are being distributed to parents and children across the state. The initiative hopes to help families through tough times brought on by the pandemic.

The Department of Education joined forces with the Department of Health and Human Services, the National Guard in New Hampshire and local volunteers this week.  Their objective?

Packaging 25,000 wellness kits for students across the state of New Hampshire.

Each health and wellness care package contains dental kits and educational information on local physical and mental health resources — among other things.  The initiative intends to set emphasis on self-care.  For many, the pandemic has hit just as hard emotionally and mentally as it has financially and physically.  For some, even more so.  With that in mind, the wellness kits have been truly packed with care, so that the NH community knows they are not alone.  Rather, the community is in this together;  a helping hand extended wherever it may be needed.