Neglecting your wellness when working and/or studying from home is an all too common mistake. Dr. Paul Drago recommends simple ways to improve wellness while working remotely:

At the start of 2020, our world changed in what would previously be thought of as incomprehensible. By now, so many students and professionals have adjusted to a work and/or study from home routine.  What was supposed to be temporary has not become indefinite for some.  In the process, mental wellbeing has become more difficult than ever for some people.

Dr. Paul Drago believes that now, more than ever, embracing wellness is critical.  Here are some easy tactics you can use to incorporate wellness into your work from home routine:

Change of Scenery

Feeling uninspired?  Seek out a new location or space to work from — even if only for one day.  You’ll be surprised how a simple change of view or scenery can get those gears turning! 

Go for a Walk

There truly is nothing like some fresh air!  If you find yourself feeling stagnant, it may be a good idea to go for a walk.  In fact, Dr. Paul Drago recommends going on walks every work day as a much needed moment to relax and recharge.