In Hong Kong, China, an area nonprofit is set to host a unique health and wellness event series. Specifically, the program will be tailored to meet the needs of Chinese adults living with physical and mental disabilities. 

Yoga, mindfulness, sound healing and dance — some might consider the practice of these activities to be therapeutic, relaxing and even invigorating.  The motivational energy acquired in embracing the moment in a mind-body connection promotes both mental and physical wellness.  It also fosters holistic approaches to health, which focus on eliminating stress.  In effect, quality of life is often greatly improved.

These are ideas that the Wellbeing Community Event Series has chosen to honor and embrace in their latest program.  Crafted with disabled individuals in mind, this special needs health and wellness event is the first of its kind to debut in the Hong Kong, China area.  The series will be hosted each Saturday throughout the month of November.  Each event will intertwine activities with insightful, motivational speeches from teachers, presenters and speakers — many of whom have overcome adversity and challenges in their lives. 

Dr. Paul Drago commends the Wellbeing Community Event Series on its inclusivity!  For more information regarding this health and wellness event, please refer to the sourced article below.