09 Dec 2022

Dr. Paul Drago Health & Wellness


ENT & Otolaryngology Specialist, Dr. Paul Drago is passionate about health and wellness. Throughout his career, he has written extensively about nutrition and concepts that contribute to living a healthy lifestyle.

To say Dr. Paul Drago loves helping others would be an understatement.  As a professional in the healthcare industry, Dr. Drago believes that it is his responsibility to assist his patients in maintaining proper health and wellness.  In his view, health is all encompassing.  While he is a specialist in otolaryngology, he understands that his impact reaches beyond his specific field.  Dr. Paul Drago’s passion for health, nutrition and wellness is demonstrative of his belief in holistic and comprehensive healthcare.  In fact, he has written at length about healthy concepts that contribute to an individual’s overall wellness.

Published Works on Health, Nutrition & Wellness

Throughout his career, Dr. Paul Drago has elaborated on his thoughts regarding health, nutrition and wellness through his writing.  Many of his pieces have been contributed to scholarly articles and professional healthcare journals.  In particular, he has written extensively on the use of laser applications in clinical oncology.  In many ways, Dr. Drago’s career has grown alongside the advancements in laser applications.  When he launched his career in the 1980s, the use of lasers in the healthcare field was largely in its infancy.  In many ways, his career’s timeline has offered him a front row seat to the historical developments in laser applications.  Truly fascinated by the healthcare industry, Dr. Drago thoroughly enjoys keeping pace with the constantly evolving field.  His published works are demonstrative of his unwavering commitment to his career and public health overall.

Nutrition Nonprofits

Outside of his professional work, Dr. Paul Drago is a dedicated volunteer.  His commitment to helping others succeed and thrive in their health goals carries into his personal life.  When possible, Dr. Drago enjoys opportunities to support nutrition and wellness programs.  In his own community, he often volunteers at soup kitchens to ensure that even individuals in need are able to enjoy a healthy and nutritious diet.  Dr. Drago also supports the following nonprofit initiatives that strive to improve the public’s health, nutrition and wellness:

  • City Harvest
  • Wholesome Wave
  • Newman’s Own Foundation