Good health starts in the gut! 

Okay, let’s be honest.  “Healthy eating” is a little too ambiguous…  Following a structured diet can be a fantastic starting point.  But for many people out there, maintaining a strictly outlined diet can be more of a challenge than anything else.  In all the hustle and bustle of daily life, you might slip up every now and then… or find yourself out of time for building those pre-planned meals.  

When we make those nearly inevitable diet mishaps, we might become derailed or worse: demotivated.  That’s precisely why, time and time again, Dr. Paul Drago recommends steering clear of the most recent fad diet.  Instead, he encourages you to look into incorporating more meals and ingredients into your daily life that have proven benefits.

Call it a gut instinct or a tasty recommendation… here are Dr. Drago’s 3 favorite foods that just so happen to promote good health and wellness in your gut:

  1. Yogurt

Rich in probiotics, yogurt is definitely gut-approved.  But be careful!  Be weary of sugary yogurt options.  Look for something sugar-free and full-fat to get the most out of that healthy bacteria.

  1. Ginger

The popular flavor additive, ginger, is a fantastically gut-healthy option.  Fresh ginger helps stimulate production of stomach acid and keeps food moving through the gut accordingly.  Fresh ginger is easy to add into your soups, stews, stir-fries and smoothies.  (In fact, it tends to make them tastier!)  So not only does ginger kickstart the gut, but it also kickstarts those taste buds, too!

  1. Olive oil

From pasta dishes to grilled zucchini and so many more, olive oil is a staple in tasty dishes — and in keeping that gut healthy!  Olive oil is rich in fatty acid and polyphenols, which are proven to reduce inflammation in the gut.  Dr. Paul Drago reminds readers that olive oil is healthier for you when it is not heated up or cooked.  So next time, forget the ranch and reach for that olive oil to over your salad as a dressing.