06 Oct 2022

Category: Charities


Papa John cycles 100 miles for Health & Wellness Charities 

This past weekend, Papa John himself participated in a 100 mile bicycle trip in support of health and wellness charities in the state of Florida. Dr. Paul Drago, fellow supporter of charities that directly empower local communities, tells the story: In Florida, health and wellness…

Charities, Non-Profits

Health & Wellness Charities Need Your Support 

COVID-19 has hit the nonprofit sector rather hard. Many grassroots initiatives are struggling to breathe and stay afloat at this time. Here are some health and wellness charities that could really use your help right now. The pandemic has taken a disastrous toll on nonprofits…


NM Homeless Shelters and Soup Kitchens List Needs 

The homeless shelters and soup kitchens of Las Cruces, New Mexico need your help! In The Las Cruces Bulletin, the area nonprofits are asking the public for essential items to help the community’s homeless population. The COVID-19 pandemic has heavily impacted communities around the world. …